30 Warren Tribeca New York – A Penthouse Made Out of Concrete

A Penthouse Made Out of Concrete - 30 Warren

Tribeca’s striking new concrete building – 30 Warren, a clever reinterpretation of “glass box” architecture designed by a trio of French architects – has revealed its crowned jewel.
Penthouse 2, a three-bedroom model residence, is the first look inside the newly completed 30 Warren, a design-forward condominium taking up an entire block-front on Church Street, celebrated for its ribbed concrete facade.

A Penthouse Made Out of Concrete - 30 Warren

The concrete’s unique pattern was made from corrugated cardboard molds, and creates an effect where the dark grey color changes with the light and time of day. Inside, this penthouse features a crisp, modern design filled with artful touches. Ample private outdoor space connects the resident to nature, and creates a prime opportunity for lush landscaping from Todd Haiman, 30 Warren’s “resident landscape designer.”

A Penthouse Made Out of Concrete - 30 Warren

This residence is special because it channels the edginess of the neighborhood, with the modern features buyers in today’s luxury market crave. A dramatic curtain wall allows for an abundance of natural light to flood into the living spaces, making them appear light, bright and airy. Windows of all shapes and sizes frame beautiful urban vistas outside, and an intricate white oak flooring pattern in the shape of a ladder draws the eye out to the outdoors. The home also draws inspiration from the architecture’s geometric shapes, clean lines and texture. For example, reflecting 30 Warren’s corrugated exterior, the kitchen features a minimalistic, white color palette punctuated by fluted glass cabinetry. Photos @Colin Miller

kitchen, Tribeca New York

A Penthouse Made Out of Concrete - Tribeca New York

bedroom, penthouse, Tribeca New York

bathroom, penthouse, Tribeca New York

balcony, penthouse, Tribeca New York

terrace, Tribeca New York

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