Product DesignFurniture DesignDe Gaspé Helps you Move More while Working from Home

De Gaspé Helps you Move More while Working from Home

De Gaspé Helps you Move more while Working from Home

Since last year, people are working from home now more than ever. They want a comfortable workspace, which for many, means having furniture that allows them to change between working standing or seated.

De Gaspé, Walnut 60''

The GALE collection caught our attention because it offers different options for redesigning the space to improve the well-being and health of people working from home with height-adjustable desks. The perfect solution for changing posture throughout the work day.

De Gaspé Helps you Move more while Working from Home

GALE is at the crossroads between ergonomics, subtlety with its rounded corners, and durability. The table portion has a simple and modern design and is installed on an electric base which allows you to raise and lower your work surface.

De Gaspé, white oak 60''

The tops are made in the De Gaspé workshop in Montreal (QC) while the adjustable bases come from the American company ESI Ergonomics. By browsing , you can personalize your desk with different options such as wood type, color, dimensions, and even the type of base:
– the Triumph with an adjustment height of 17 “: from 27.5″ to 44.5 ”
– the Victory with an adjustment height of 26 “: from 22.5” to 48.5 “

De Gaspé Helps you Move more while Working from Home

The GALE desks have a load capacity of 220 pounds, a height adjustment speed: 1.4 “/ second, a numeric keypad with three configurable heights, an 8’9 power cord as well as a “Connect & Lock” system allowing easy assembly of the wheelbase.

With the launch of the GALE desks, this Montreal company has understood the importance of being equipped while working from home and is successfully developing commercial quality, functional furniture that can find its place in a residential environment.

De Gaspé, Executive GALE

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