Product DesignFurniture DesignPlanter Table - Some Freshness to Your Home / Emily  Wettstein

Planter Table – Some Freshness to Your Home / Emily  Wettstein

Planter Table - some freshness to your home, by Emily Wettstein (4)

Emily  Wettstein, a young designer from Brooklyn, NY, carried out the project Planter Table with the intention to offer freshness by bringing nature closer. This is a more special table due to the fact that various plants can be integrated in it. The vessel in which the plants grow is made of acrylic glass and is attached to the table with the help of some steel legs. The planter bowl is removable and can be used for a wide variety of plants, in this case wheat is in it. One can opt for different flower arrangements that bring an air of freshness to the house. The table is made of walnut with steel support elements and can be used with or without planter. Originally created for the portfolio required for school graduation, the table later became a product on sale. Those interested can find out more by contacting the designer through his website.

Planter Table - some freshness to your home, by Emily Wettstein (3)

The planter table was a design to rethink the possibilities of the materials at hand. The idea was to create a table with an interactive “runner” made of wheat grass or any other plant or herb to be consumed at the table. Perhaps a literal play on the idea of the “farm to table” movement. The wood was from a fallen tree in a neighboring farm, milled by my father and grandfather the year that I was born that had been drying ever since in our barn. When considering the possibilities for the legs the rusted steel that sat in the metal shop needed only to be notched and I wanted to leave its texture pure in its age. The acrylic planter is designed to show to the root system from the sides and allow for easy removal. The table can be used with or without the planter depending on the state of the plants or the whim of the client. 

some freshness to your home, by Emily Wettstein (1)

The table has been published in various magazines and on many websites. I have built a number of similar commissions; the one shown here is for the client Corri Goldman. Another has been built with straight exterior edges for the Richard Avedon Foundation Executive Director’s office in the MoMA building. Each table is unique depending on the wood and the steel and the client’s preferred character.

Planter Table - some freshness to your home, by Emily Wettstein (2)

some freshness to your home, by Emily Wettstein

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