Bebe Room – A Dream World for Children by Halley Italy

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Combining elegant, classic style with beautiful, modern elements, the Italian brand Halley redefines interior design, transforming it into an aesthetic daydream. When it comes to rooms for babies, their ideas are simply marvelous! Purity, tenderness and passion join together to create a dream world of harmony and peace. We chose to introduce two concepts for babe room by Halley designers: Luxury Bebe and Bebe.

Luxury Bebe Room

The Luxury Bebe Room has a special, glamorous and delicate beauty. Inspired by a jewel case, it is an ode to light, calmness and golden grace. The antique style cradles invite to an angel baby sleep. The alternation of white and golden create a magical harmony. Every object is perfect and sweet.

Dream rooms for children, by Halley-

Dream world for children, by Halley- (2)

Dream rooms for children, by Halley- (3)

Dream rooms for children, by Halley- (4)

Dream world for children, by Halley- (5)

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Dream world for children, by Halley- (7)
A real oasis of calmness, the Bebè rooms may be personalized with blue elements for baby-boys and pink furniture peaces and materials for baby- girls. Soft colors and round shapes, delicate materials, butterflies and white, fluffy teddy-bears create the story of the beginning of a beautiful life for the recently born baby. Let yourselves hugged by the story of innocence while discovering these magical baby rooms!

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About Halley
Halley proposes a world of beauty and sensations, ways of being that is achieved through constant aesthetic, technical and functional research.
Halley with her creations gives unforgettable moments, emotions, sensations.
A new concept of classic furnishing creates atmospheres and lifestyles.
Complete solutions for sleeping zone as double and children’s room which are scrupulously realized.

Dream rooms for children, by (2)

furniture design

furniture design

Dream world for children, by (5)

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