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Ema House by Evelyn Mcnamara Architecture

Ema House

Evelyn McNamara Architecture has completed Ema House, a vacation home located in Waiheke Island, New Zealand.

From the architect: The Ema House is a high-spec architecturally designed holiday home. The brief was to create a modern minimalist design that celebrates the scale of the traditional NZ bach whilst using beautifully crafted materials. The design suits both those wanting a small yet beautifully detailed retreat for themselves or as a rental investment in this surging property market. The detailing is that of a bespoke architecturally designed home, made affordable by scale.

Ema House 16

Ema House 1

Ema House 17

Ema House 2

Ema House 3

Ema House 4

Ema House 24

Ema House 5

Ema House 6

Ema House 7

Ema House 18

Ema House 19

Ema House 8

Ema House 29

Ema House 20

Ema House 22

Ema House 9

Ema House 9

Ema House 23

Ema House 13

Ema House 10

Ema House 11

Ema House 12

Ema House 26

Ema House 27

Ema House 28

Ema House 14

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