Exhibition Space: Split in Two by Paolo Cesaretti Arch

Exhibition Space: Split in Two by Paolo Cesaretti Arch

Project Name: Exhibition Space – Split in Two
Architecture Firm: Paolo Cesaretti Arch
Creative Direction: Paolo Cesaretti
Design Team: Paolo Cesaretti, Marianna Cristofaro, Camilla Vallini, Simone Cardia
Clients: Kale Group
Contractor: La Bottega
Completion Year: 2018
Gross Built Area: 700 sqm
Project location: Bologna, Italy
Photo credits: Lorenzo Pennati, Luca Rotondo
Text and photos provided by Paolo Cesaretti Arch

This is the design of a great theatrical machine. On a wide fragmented stage scenic constructions highlight the features of tiles collections. So, not just another commercial show, rather a different visual interpretation of this product, adding a poetic value to it.
Inside, the exhibition space is divided in two distinct areas with different vocations. The first one is characterized by product-specific installations – monolithic volumes, large spatial geometries, mix’n’match compositions – an instagramable context interplaying with the visitors and creating memory. The magnified three-dimensional geometry of a crystal and the lightness of a cloud, are some of the symbolic installations made of/made for tiled surfaces.

 Split in Two by Paolo Cesaretti Arch, commercial show

Close by, the exhibition of Kale’s premium brand overpasses the definition of traditional interior spaces. Mixing domestic life, leisure and work, it presents crossover environments with a drama feel, such as a room of Lynchian inspiration. Here slim shiny porcellain slabs are used as a wrapping decorative surface, becoming tapestry and wallpaper, matched to the floor with the disquieting beauty of an obsessive black and white geometry embraced by a red curtain. Again, an attempt to demystify the usual commercial exhibition format, inspiring the visitors with the genuine fakeness of a mise-en-scène.

Exhibition Space: Split in Two by Paolo Cesaretti Arch

Split in Two by Paolo Cesaretti Arch, commercial show

Exhibition Space: Split in Two by Paolo Cesaretti Arch

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