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Cozy Apartment in Kyiv for a Family with 3 Kids and a Dog

Cozy Apartment in Kyiv for a Family with 3 Kids and a Dog

Project: Cozy Apartment in Kyiv
Architect: Bogdanova Bureau (Olga Bogdanova, Lena Bryantseva)
Year: 2019
Square: 260m2
Location: Kyiv, Ukraine
Photograph: Yevhenii Avramenko
Text and photos provided by Bogdanova Bureau

“No fake and more space for happiness”, – these were the wishes of a young couple with 3 children, addressed to our team. So we made it – a real house for a real family!

Cozy Apartment in Kyiv for a Family with 3 Kids and a Dog

The apartment space consists of two united flats. A huge hall appeared as the result of it. After careful consideration we took a decision to preserve this vast space and not divide it into smaller rooms. “Here my children will be playing soccer and riding scooters”, – the owner expressed his wish and this idea was totally supported by our team.

Cozy Apartment for a Family with 3 Kids and a Dog in Kyiv

Kid’s zone comprises of two rooms for boys with a shared bathroom and a room for the young lady in powder-pink tones with her own bathroom. This zone can easily be identified there are three bright doors tinted in fashionable shades of green, blue and terracotta. A minimum of furniture and more functional design – this is the prevailing idea of the whole space.

kitchen design, interiors by Bogdanova Bureau

The concept of the owner’s bedroom space based on the combination of several philosophies. We applied the Feng Shui “life map” here. Shades, arrangement and flower ornaments, diluted with playful patterns on the carpets – this mix was based on the laws of ancient practice. The bathroom in this area separated from the bedroom by a frosted glass partition, which allows the soft light to penetrate inside with any sort of lighting.

bedroom, interior design by Bogdanova Bureau

Needless to say, that the truly gorgeous element of the home was the dog Nomy, adding the cheerful and playful spirit which out whole team is thankful for!

Furniture: Kitchen and Contract by Blanc, Poliform, Pianca, Lago, Guby, Hay, Muuto
Light: Vibia, Flos
Rugs & textile: Makhno design, Olk_Manufactory, Home Me
Décor: Bolia, Exteda, Air exterior, Magis

plan apartment

bathroom, Bogdanova Bureau project

Cozy Apartment for a Family with 3 Kids and a Dog in Kyiv

Cozy Apartment for a Family with 3 Kids and a Dog in Kyiv

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