Fine Dining and Microbreweries are the New Power Couple

Fine Dining and Microbreweries are the New Power Couple
Southerleigh Fine Food and Brewery, San Antonio / Clayton & Little

We are increasingly seeing more microbreweries containing restaurants and vice versa. Fine dining and microbreweries go well together and combine the best of both worlds. Combining a full-service restaurant and on-site brewery seems to be a good business idea.

It would not be a stretch of the imagination to say that fine dining and microbreweries are the new power couple. If you purchase used equipment, they help to cut costs involved in setting up such an establishment.

The following are factors to consider when combining a restaurant and a microbrewery:


You will make more money if you have a fine dining establishment and a microbrewery together than if they were separate business establishments. You would only sell craft beer from the microbrewery, and you would only sell food at a restaurant, but when you combine them, you can sell both.

Therefore, combining fine dining and a microbrewery will lead to more sales than they would own, which is a factor to consider when setting up a business establishment.

Moreover, many people are likely to stay and have a drink after their meal instead of heading to another establishment for beer, making free dining and microbrewing an outstanding idea.


You must consider space requirements when combining a restaurant and a microbrewery. On their own, they will consume less space than together, so you have to consider the location seriously. If you have a storeyed property, you may put the microbrewery on one level and the restaurant on another.

You will have to develop a design, floor plan, and layout for the space to fit everyone visiting the establishment for fine dining, microbrewing, or both. The larger the space, the better, as it leaves room for changes that may appear in the future. An architect should be valuable in helping you determine the space requirements for the establishment.

Fine Dining and Microbreweries are the New Power Couple
Modern Pole Barn Brewery in Southwest Michigan / moss Design


Equipment is another vital consideration to make, especially regarding the microbrewery. Even a tiny microbrewery requires significant equipment to produce the beer. The start-up capital, in particular, will be very high when you combine fine dining and microbrewing.

One way to reduce the cost of starting the business is to buy quality used equipment. It will be cheaper to buy previously-owned storage and process tanks if you will produce beer primarily for the people visiting your restaurant and not for retail distribution.

It would be best if you also considered getting equipment for your restaurant, for example, ovens and grills, from second-hand sellers. If you know how to evaluate the quality, they will serve you just as well as new equipment but cost much less.

The Pairing

As wines pair well with certain foods, so does beer. Therefore, when creating your microbrewery cum restaurant, you should consider which beers pair best with the foods you serve and vice versa.

When designing the establishment for cooking, dining, and socialization, you should also consider which pairs of foods and drinks best work together. It will help you prepare the establishment;’s design and the menu. It is best to choose great combinations to encourage customers to buy drinks and food instead of either.

A culinary approach to beer helps to highlight food’s flavor and aroma hence the importance of choosing the right pairings. Moreover, the dual nature of such an establishment helps to give you more freedom for pairing, unlike if they were standalone businesses.

Property Elements

When creating a business establishment that is both a fine dining restaurant and a microbrewery, you must pay special attention to the various property elements. It will not be like a restaurant or brewery, so the property elements will also be different.

The first property element to which you need to pay attention is the architecture. The architecture should do an excellent job of combining the restaurant and the microbrewery, so they do not interfere with each other.

You should also pay attention to the lighting as it creates the ambiance. The lighting should allow people to see and eat their food while creating an ambiance for socializing beer drinkers.

Flooring is also crucial because you want it to be suitable for a microbrewery or pub and a fine dining establishment.

An interior designer should help you with the property elements. Choose a designer who understands what you are trying to create by combining the two.

Fine dining and microbrewings are undoubtedly the new power couple. Establishments that combine the two are seeing great results. Factors you must consider when setting up such an establishment include space, equipment, sales, property elements, and pairing drinks with food. If you do, you will have a place people have loved to visit for years.

Fine Dining and Microbreweries are the New Power Couple
Junction Craft Brewery / PLANT Architect
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