Retail DesignFitness Training Center, Villarreal

Fitness Training Center, Villarreal

Fitness Training Center, Villarreal

Project: I Feel Good! Fitness Training Center
Interior Design and Branding: Vitale
Builder: ZAR
Flooring: Vives
Furniture: Peach chair, Resol
Location: Villareal, Castellón, Spain
Year: 2021
Surface: 360 m2
Photography: Santiago Martín

The second fitness training center of the brand I Feel Good! It brings novelty and a new air to what is already established in the market and in the health of its users. As in the first center, Vitale creates an image consistent with a business that aims to inspire healthy habits in its customers to improve their quality of life. The interior design project stems from a global communication strategy on which all the elements and environments of the brand are designed, from the naming of the business to the interior design of its centers.

Fitness Training Center, Villarreal

Fitness Training Center, Villarreal

The philosophy of personal training, honest and realistic advice, is key to achieving the goal of generating substantial and lasting changes in the health of its clients. Under the motto “The gym for people who don’t go to the gym”, a space is designed that breathes positive energy, health, nature and harmony. Vitale generates a space with a natural spirit impregnated with the positive sensations of an outdoor space. In this way, “the I feel good experience” translates into immersion in a natural environment for functional training as the plot axis of the project. A proposal that appeals to the direct benefit of the brand: feel good physically and emotionally as an alternative concept that is well differentiated in the sector. A different center as opposed to the garish and dark colored premises with futuristic lighting that usually characterize businesses dedicated to fitness.

Fitness Training Center, Villarreal

It is a 360 m² premises with multiple windows that open it to the outside so that natural light invades it. The interior design program is made up of different spaces: reception, waiting area, a large training room, treatment boxes, changing rooms and a private area for staff. Stone and plant textures, color patterns and materials that indicate to our brain that it is in a natural space. The ceiling of the premises (as the main low-cost element) is projected with a radial geometric pattern in a range of greens and earth tones that is inspired by a tree that grows from a pillar.

Fitness Training Center, Villarreal

The entrance to the center consists of a waiting area surrounded by a forest of logs, a bicycle parking area and a unique pine wood slatted reception whose geometry is framed in the stairwell.

Fitness Training Center, Villarreal

The spacious and bright training room has a specific artificial turf for the development of pulling exercises, intense friction and heavy weights. The colorful geometric pattern of the ceilings, in addition to acting as a tent that surrounds the training area, resolves the discontinuity and the sloping of the building’s downspouts to achieve a continuous surface. The suspended lighting, with a festive and carefree aesthetic, emphasizes the perception of finding ourselves in a unique outdoor environment, with an honest and positive character that transmits well-being to users.

lounge, Vitale Studio

The treatment area and the dressing room area continue the same material and formal language. The treatment cabinets allow a pleasant experience of calm and comfort through warm indirect lighting that highlights the imperfect and natural appearance of the pine wood slats.

Fitness Training Center, Villarreal

The corporate colors and the brand, designed by Vitale, are a fundamental part of this interior design project for a health space. The universe of the brand is present at all times in a subtle or explicit way.

spa, Vitale Studio

Vitale designs an evocative corporate space that connects directly with the public defined for the business. The use of a biophilic design approach and analogous nature recreates a space that connects with the natural, with the basics. Without additives, the usual, what works: the essence of a healthy life based on healthy habits.

Fitness Training Center, Villarreal

floor plan, Vitale Studio

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