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“Pull Me to Life” Is a Drawer That Change the Color When it Is Pulled

Pull Me to Life Is a Drawer That Change the Color When it Is Pulled (1)

” Pull Me to Life ” is a alive furniture series designed by Dutch designer Juno Jeon.

Description by Juno Jeon: “ Pull me to life ” is an end result of my project ‘Movement’. I imagined what if all object at my room are alive. If so, they will probably show all kinds of different movement based on their shape, structure, function and so on. So I researched all kinds of movement which is made by objects in my room. During this research, I found what really makes something look alive is not just ordinary movement of the object but unexpected movement which could make people surprised.

Pull Me to Life Is a Drawer That Change the Color When it Is Pulled (2)

Based on all the process of project ‘Movement’, I designed a drawer named “ Pull me to life”. Drawer basically has a ‘pull and push’ movement. To make drawer alive, I made this ‘pull and push’ movement generate another movement which is not predictable. Following drawings are the examples of drawers which make unexpected movement.


I made a temporary installation work with drawer based on the drawing I made. There is a drawer with feathers on the top of it. When the drawer is pulled and pushed, feathers are blown up to the air. This magical moment makes the drawer look alive as if it is breathing.

Pull Me to Life Is a Drawer That Change the Color When it Is Pulled (1)

This drawer has special skin. When the drawer is closed, it is just a normal drawer with fancy skin. However, when the drawer is pulled, the skin slowly and gradually changes the color from back to front. It seems like the drawer is reacting to outer stimulus as if it is an animal. When the drawer is pushed back, the drawer changes the skin color again as if it falls asleep again.

Pull Me to Life Is a Drawer That Change the Color When it Is Pulled (4)

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