Generator Amsterdam by DesignAgency

Generator Amsterdam

A gateway to Amsterdam’s beautiful Oosterpark, Generator Amsterdam opens its doors to surroundings that include exotic birds, ancient willow trees and a whimsical children’s playground, as well as the Oost neighbourhood, the city’s hottest new destination for art, fashion and independent shops bars and restaurants.

Generator’s global design partner, DesignAgency has collaborated with local architects IDEA Ontwerp to both convert and restore a former health sciences building and zoological museum, and breathe new life into the hundred-year-old brick structure, establishing the most impressive Generator to date.

Generator Amsterdam 1

The 168-room hostel follows Generator’s trendsetting concept of great design and an array of spaces that encourage social interaction — all at an affordable price. Many of the building’s original, heritage-designated spaces have been preserved and overlaid with contemporary twists.

Generator Amsterdam 2

The design confidently mixes the history and charm of the building with Dutch references from folk culture and iconic design, as well as custom contemporary art and the playful lighting that is synonymous with the Generator brand. Partnerships with local businesses such as local coffee vendor Stooker Roasting Company and Vanmoof Bicycles make the project stronger and more successfully integrated into its surroundings.

Generator Amsterdam 2

Generator Amsterdam 4

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Generator Amsterdam 7

Generator Amsterdam 8

Generator Amsterdam 9

Generator Amsterdam 10

Generator Amsterdam 10

Generator Amsterdam 11

Generator Amsterdam 12

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Generator Amsterdam 14

Generator Amsterdam 15

Generator Amsterdam 17

Generator Amsterdam 18

Generator Amsterdam 19

Generator Amsterdam 19

Generator Amsterdam 20

Generator Amsterdam 21

Generator Amsterdam 22

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