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Giraffas Headquarters / BLOCO Arquitetos

reception, BLOCO Arquitetos
Giraffas Headquarters

Project: Giraffas Headquarters
Architecture: BLOCO Arquitetos
Lead Architects: Daniel Mangabeira, Henrique Coutinho, Matheus Seco
Collaborator: Paula Dantas
Construction: Cimos Engenharia
Lighting: Light Design Brasília
Furniture: Marelli, Flexform, Neoffice
Marcenaria: Sebba Móveis
Location: Brasilia, Brazil
Area: 500 m2
Year: 2022
Photo Credits: Julia Totoli

The Giraffas headquarters occupies 500 sqm of the box area at the National Stadium in Brasilia, Mané Garrincha. The office was compartmentalized by sawmill partitions that we designed using a 110cm module.

Giraffas Headquarters / BLOCO Arquitetos

Its design could be adapted both to the curves of the original structure and to the irregular walls of the space. While the metal parts of the partition were painted in the brand’s orange color, its glass was left transparent or translucent, depending on the desired privacy.

Giraffas Headquarters / BLOCO Arquitetos

The same module was used in the creation of tall cabinets that mix metalwork and joinery. The main guideline was to maximize the view of the stadium’s football field, through all spaces where this was possible. We created an event area, meeting rooms, workstations and reception area. The entire original structure of the stadium was left exposed, as well as the facilities and air conditioning.

workspace, BLOCO Arquitetos

collective workspace, BLOCO Arquitetos

conference room, BLOCO Arquitetos

Giraffas Headquarters / BLOCO Arquitetos

Giraffas Headquarters / BLOCO Arquitetos

Giraffas Headquarters / BLOCO Arquitetos

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