Product DesignNew Hansgrohe product: Axor Starck V Collection

New Hansgrohe product: Axor Starck V Collection

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The new Hansgrohe product was displayed to the public on the 7th April at Milan Furniture Fair. This unusual bathroom or kitchen faucet is the result of the collaboration between designer Philippe Starck and Axor. The Axor Starck V Collection combines the classic technique function of a faucet with a visual experience offered by the turning of the water into a vortex and the free fall into the sink. The upper part of the faucet, where the vortex of the water occurs and where the water falls is transparent. Hansgrohe family’s passion for water is reflected in the design concept that is as artistic as functional.

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Philippe Grohe, the brand chief of Axor, declares: “My father Klaus Grohe has long been preoccupied with exploring the vortex phenomenon. His idea of using the vortex to enable people to experience water was fundamental in the creation of this mixer. Axor Starck V is the result of successfully combining technical know-how with the ultimate in water and product design expertise and decades of experience in bathroom design”. Top designer Philippe Starck, who has already developed in collaboration with Axor, four successful collections of bathroom supplies, proved to be the ideal partner for the development of such an artistic and functional product. Axor Starck V Collection gives options for the colors white, chrome or brass.

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How can we truly experience the power and beauty of water close-up, in our own bathroom? According to Philippe Starck, Axor Starck V is “a mixer that has been reduced to the absolute minimum: completely transparent, practically invisible, and the source of a natural wonder – the vortex.” The transparent spout, made of organically-shaped crystal glass, makes the water visible and blends in with its surroundings. The beauty and vitality of the vortex combines the functional and emotional aspects of water, making it the central focus.
You will find more on the website of Hansgrohe.

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