Works of art made by Joseph Walsh. Enignum Canopy Bed

Works of art made by Joseph Walsh. Enignum Canopy Bed (7)

The Irish designer, Joseph Walsh, has accustomed us with his creations in which passion and imagination exceed any limits of expression. It’s amazing how the designer has mastered the material, his creations have a conception and stylistics that elevates them to the level of works of art. It is hard to believe that wood, the main raw material used for centuries by humans, can support such works. And still the Irish designer, surprises us each time by the way he expresses his imagination with the help of wood.

Works of art made by Joseph Walsh. Enignum Canopy Bed

The Enignum Canopy Bed is the last piece from the collection with the same name and it expresses the potential of collaboration between human and material, between human and nature, potential materialized in this innovative product that invites you into a micro-universe of meditation and retrieval.

Works of art made by Joseph Walsh. Enignum Canopy Bed (3)

Walsh says: “In the Enignum series of work, I have stripped wood into thin layers, manipulating and reconstructing them into free form compositions. I then shape through these layers to reveal not only the honesty of the structure but the sculpted form which is a unique collaboration of man and material. The title derives from the Latin words Enigma (‘mystery’) and Lignum (‘wood’), for me they sum up the series: the mystery of the composition lies in the material”. Joseph Walsh’s craftsmanship was recognized on a large scale and it has led to its inclusion in numerous exhibitions and collections.

Works of art made by Joseph Walsh. Enignum Canopy Bed (4)

Works of art made by Joseph Walsh. Enignum Canopy Bed (5)

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