Multifunctional Sofa by Turkish Designer Burak Kocak

Herb - multifunctional sofa by Burak Kocak

Herb is a multifunctional sofa with a simple design that also combines different functions with the purpose of increasing attractiveness and to convince us to spend as much time as possible relaxing while sitting on it.

HerbSofa - multifunctional sofa by Burak Kocak (1)

The Turkish designer Burak Kocak’s idea was to create a compact space that offers a pleasant place for relaxation, a table for work and also a storage space. The shelf is equipped with a charging socket so that the laptop or phone would be at hand. The sofa is bordered by modular accessories, including a shelving unit and a planter, that can be swapped out and exchanged as needed.

HerbSofa - multifunctional sofa by Burak Kocak (4)

The system, also has a lamp that is mounted on the shelf so that light can fall from above and is useful for those who want to read late at night. Basically, multifunctional sofa Herb offers the possibility to have almost everything you need within range and can be very useful for small apartments or even bedrooms. The sofa itself is large enough and comfortable, being upholstered with gray wool. The design is minimal and functional, the system has a modern aspect. Herb is adaptable and easy to use, being a product that has them all naturally.

HerbSofa - multifunctional sofa by Burak Kocak (6)

Herb by Burak Kocak (7)

Herb - drawing (5)

Herb - multifunctional sofa by Burak Kocak

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