Hood Point Residence / PUBLIC Architecture

Hood Point Residence / PUBLIC Architecture
Hood Point Residence

Project: Hood Point Residence
Architecture: PUBLIC Architecture
Location: Bowen Island, British Columbia, Canada
Photo Credits: Andrew Latreille

With breathtaking views of Howe Sound, this Bowen Island home is distinguished by its lush gardens, roof decks, and terraces gently descending to the Salish Sea. Situated in the Hood Point neighborhood, nestled in the northeast corner of Bowen Island, this tightly-knit community of friends and family come together year-round to enjoy the sheltered beaches of Cates Bay. The property has been cherished by the family for four generations, granting them a profound knowledge of the local geography, microclimate, and ecosystem.

Hood Point Residence / PUBLIC Architecture

dining area

Embraced by the shadow of Mount Collins, the property faces eastward, revealing spectacular vistas of Howe Sound, Cypress, and Brunswick Mountains. During the summer months, the sun sets behind the mountain in the early evening. As the site experiences a significant fifty feet drop from the front entry to foreshore, ensuring a secure pathway for descent was paramount. To address this, the design employs the steep grades, crafting a sequence of sculpted terraces that capture natural light, frame picturesque views, and provide a sense of privacy.


living area

The Hood Point Residence, designed for hosting large family gatherings, is organized with a loose generational distinction. The ground floor caters to the grandparents, while the main floor features a spacious living area and a master suite for the children. The top floor is dedicated to the children’s bedrooms, with a sleeping loft above for the grandchildren. The house is split into two sections with co-planar roofs, facilitating both separation of family groups and the penetration of light. As daylight wanes, residents naturally gravitate to higher levels of the house.

Hood Point Residence / PUBLIC Architecture

At entry level, the top floor presents itself as a modest one-storey structure. The placement of the house to one side of the site allows for unobstructed views and integrates with the surrounding gardens, comprising vegetable patches, ornamental greenery, and terraced landscapes. To address water concerns common among the local islands, the gardens are irrigated through the use of substantial rain-capture cisterns.


Drawing inspiration from Public’s institutional projects, this private residence incorporates similar finishes, tailored to withstand the west coast marine climate. The materials chosen are durable, low-maintenance, and develop a patina over time. Exterior elements comprise metal and wood, while inside, polished concrete floors, drywall, and warm wooden ceilings add to the inviting ambiance.


Reflecting the character of its inhabitants, the Hood Point Residence is designed to be neighborly and inviting. The entrance exudes warmth, extending a generous welcome while maintaining views that can be admired by friends and neighbours.


Hood Point Residence / PUBLIC Architecture

Hood Point Residence / PUBLIC Architecture

Hood Point Residence / PUBLIC Architecture

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