House for rich birds: Oli-bird by Nikolo Kerimov

Bird house by Nikolo Kerimov, Finland

Oli–Bird is a birdhouse for “rich birds” designed in 2015 by Finnish designer Nikolo Kerimov.

The designer’s presentation: Luxury goods are products that are not essential but are highly desired and associated with wealthy or affluent people. They are bought for several reasons: to support self-worth and status, or for the product’s quality and craftsmanship.” From my point of view, we often buy – (or if we ever have the money) luxury goods to state your wealth and status. This means that products are merely know to the consumer – the brand itself states the product and the need for the product. Otherwise, the luxury goods tend to have contrast to “necessity goods”. We often say that kids are brutally honest with their opinions. But how about the animals? What is luxury to an animal? Can a human decide or brand the need of an animal? Photos: Lassi Häkkinen

birdhouse by Nikolo Kerimov

birdhouse for rich birds designed in 2015 by Finnish designer Nikolo Kerimov

House for rich birds Oli-bird by Nikolo Kerimov

House for rich birds

BirdHouse by designer Nikolo Kerimov

House for birds -Nikolo Kerimov

Oli-bird - designed by Nikolo Kerimov

House for birds -  Oli-bird by Nikolo Kerimov

Oli-bird by Nikolo Kerimov

House for rich birds Oli-bird bydesigner Nikolo Kerimov

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