House in Muda / Vasco Lima Mayer

House in Muda / Vasco Lima Mayer

Project: House in Muda
Architecture: Vasco Lima Mayer
Team: Vasco Lima Mayer, Gonçalo Grácio
Engineers: Francisco Lima Mayer, Pitta Soares & Partners
Landscape: Polen Land Design
Location: Muda Reserve, Grândola, Setubal, Portugal
Area: 430,38 m²
Images: Filipe Borralho

Muda’s House is a family holiday home designed to be a meeting place for grandparents, parents and grandchildren.

In the initial briefing, the clients proposed a very interesting organization of the spaces. The request consisted of building the house in 3 different blocks: The main one with a bedroom and a small living room for the grandparents, and two similar ones for their children and grandchildren, with two bedrooms each.

House in Muda / Vasco Lima Mayer

Like a true Portuguese house, the center lives in the living room, where all spaces converge and unite, transparency reigns and light overflows. The glass allows opening the inside to the outside. The idea was to create a spacious and pleasant environment to experience unforgettable family moments.

living area

Developed horizontally with a chimney balancing its composition, this house is subtly marked by traditional Portuguese architecture, which give it a character both picturesque and irreverent.

However, the charm of this place is not limited to the construction of the house or the perimeter of the land. The region of Comporta, where it is located, is magical, which extends through the rice fields, the pine forest and the dunes, until it flows into the sea of the unrivalled Alentejo coast.

kitchen, living area


House in Muda / Vasco Lima Mayer
House in Muda
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