Product DesignFurniture DesignBlank Canvas / Sofia Oliva - Casa Decor'21

Blank Canvas / Sofia Oliva – Casa Decor’21

Blank Canvas · Sofia Oliva - Casa Decor'21

Inspiration Blank Canvas
“Feng Shui”: union between nature and man applied in the creation of their spaces. A more harmonious design is created to bring the greatest happiness to whomever lives the space.

Blank Canvas · Sofia Oliva - Casa Decor'21

Current Trends
The design seeks a comfortable minimalism that combines the modern with the classic following the guidelines of sustainability and a healthy design. White tones predominate the space to achieve greater luminosity. Less is more is our philosophy, that is why the space is configured with four architectural details rigorously conceived.

Blank Canvas · Sofia Oliva - Casa Decor'21

The use of natural and sustainable materials is of utmost importance: wood, natural fabrics, stone, and plaster are some of the main components.

Blank Canvas · Sofia Oliva - Casa Decor'21

When choosing all the materials, fabrics, brands, and products that make up the space, priority has been given to those who are committed to the environment. Furthermore, they will have a second life after the edition.

Blank Canvas · Sofia Oliva - Casa Decor'21

Collab Blank Canvas
JUNG has supplied the mechanisms (plugs and switches). PEPE PEÑALVER has supplied the textiles (curtains, armchairs and sofa). The hanging lamp is from AROMAS DEL CAMPO. The plaster on the walls and the table are designed by SO Arquitectura, but executed by ESCAYOLAS SAZ.

Blank Canvas · Sofia Oliva - Casa Decor'21

About Sofia Olivia Arquitectura
The objective of SO Architecture is to provide architecture and interior design beyond the traditional. Our philosophy is based on a comfortable and sustainable minimalism, with the goal of providing our clients with the greatest happiness, designing every last detail.
We develop 360º projects, from the structure and space distribution to the materials choice and design of furniture and decorative elements. We also carry out the construction and contracting of the works, offering the possibility of turnkey.

Blank Canvas · Sofia Oliva - Casa Decor'21

About Javier Depaz Garcia · estudioballoon · Architecture Photography
I am an architect that photographs architecture in a constant search of every project’s rock’n’roll. We think, produce, design architecture imagery. We work with great architects and designers that want more than a documentary image for their project, they pursue a story with its own music. I have photographed from Architecture classics to ephemeral displays worldwide.

Blank Canvas · Sofia Oliva - Casa Decor'21

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