Jagger Club in Valencia / Nihil Estudio

Jagger Club in Valencia, Nihil Estudio

Designer: Nihil Estudio
Project: Jagger Club
Location: Gran Via del Marqués del Túria 23, Valencia, Spain
Area: 220m2
Year: 2016
Lighting Design: Radiante
Photographer: David Zarzoso
Text: Concha Rodrigo

Located in a central avenue of Valencia, Spain, we find the new Jagger Club room Designed by Nihil Estudio. A work that develops branding and interior design.

Jagger Club in Valencia, Nihil Estudio 1

The connection between the geometry of space and the visitor become one of the main premises for the design studio. Intuition as a basis to relate the shape, light and volumes that make up a place that, although originally differentiated into three zones by its material changes and functionality, is able to reconnect and relate to each other.

Jagger Club in Valencia, Nihil Estudio 2

Nihil Estudio parts of the repetition, extrusion and subtraction of a regular quadrilateral in this project that revalues the material and the game between lights and shadows.

Jagger Club in Valencia, Nihil Estudio 3

Combination of these three variables allows Nihil Estudio to achieve more complex and interesting compositions. The stone generates an envelope that runs longitudinally inside the room. This element –which is the base- of the project brings texture and dynamism to the space. Helped by pixel-pixel programmable LED light strips in constant movement, they partially segment this stone hug and reinforce it by adding light and shadows to its volume.

Jagger Club in Valencia, Nihil Estudio 4

Faced with this geometric stone wall we find a “library” for liquors that formally dialogues with him. A grid that runs through the bar space, where wood arises, material that by its properties conveys naturalness, nobility and balance as opposed to cold and inert stone material. A game of volumes, scale and proportion brings rhythm to this element that, conjugated with the illumination, reinforces the sensation of depth.

Jagger Club in Valencia, Nihil Estudio 5

As you go through the premises progressively appear a series of openings that penetrate the initial stone wall and little by little allow an approach to a new space of textures and simpler and cleaner forms that by repetition generate a whole repertoire of volumes on the own vertical parament, that thanks to its illumination seem to float in a lost bottom, providing a dynamic and immersive sensory experience.

Jagger Club in Valencia, Nihil Estudio 6

The Nihil Estudio team proposes the use of lighting that, thanks to LED programming, provides movement to elements of a static nature, such as pillars, walls or shelves. Movement that can also accompany the rhythm of the music that is projected inside the premises, thus integrating the material elements and lighting with the activity that takes place in the premises. A combination of the elements that serves as support and reinforcement between the different parts that make up a nightlife. At the work points, instead, we opt for a focal illumination distributed linearly in luminaires designed by the studio on the bar bench. An option that takes into account the needs and comfort of the worker. Lighting is therefore a balance between the aesthetic and functional, always taking into account the needs and feelings of each user. The exterior lighting, composed of a large body with the local logo presides over the façade and the access door is bathed from the top by a thin curtain of blue light.

Jagger Club in Valencia, Nihil Estudio 7

Furniture is solved with the Perch stool by Capdell, the Tonella armchair by Sancal and some tables designed by Nihil Estudio. A selection of furniture from Nihil Estudio that, with simple, discreet lines and ergonomic shapes, provide comfort without leaving aside the aesthetic part that combines with the studied geometry of the premises. Jagger Club is a combination of techniques and work based on mutual respect.

Jagger Club in Valencia, Nihil Estudio 8

This is a 360º work from where Nihil Estudio takes into account all users, putting themselves in their place and respecting their needs. A valorization of the materials in a pure state that, as if they were different skins, cover and give movement with a sober attitude at the same time as fun. Light, materiality, aesthetics and functionality as bases for a project that also has a branding developed also from Nihil Estudio where the value -and the game- between the materials is transferred to paper.

Jagger Club in Valencia, Nihil Estudio 9

Jagger Club in Valencia, Nihil Estudio 10

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