Residential ArchitectureApartmentsLa Odette Apartment by CRÜ Studio

La Odette Apartment by CRÜ Studio

La Odette Apartment by CRÜ Studio

Project: La Odette Apartment
Architects: CRÜ studio
Team: Clàudia Raurell, Joan Astallé, Marc Peiró
Location: Barcelona, Spain
Photography: Adrià Goula

CRÜ studio removed a series of walls that divided the long and narrow perimeter of their new project la Odette – la Olga’s younger twin. The living area is pulled towards the back of the building, so that the bedrooms could absorb part of the light that is filtered through the main façade.

kitchen, CRÜ Studio

In la Odette CRÜ worked on contrasts between natural materials to break the volume up into planes and to enhance and reinforce the distribution and use of spaces, which makes the spatial lecture have some complexity, being less global. This is translated into a back set made of exposed brickwork and vaulted ceilings both painted in white, and an overlapping layer given by terracotta and reddish tiles and paint.

La Odette Apartment by CRÜ Studio

These warm accents help to break up the space into specific areas. Terracotta tiles placed reversed cover a section of wall beside the kitchen, while the hallway and bathroom are finished with maroon tiles and raw bricks. Terracotta tiles cover floors throughout the space.

kitchen, CRÜ Studio

“We covered a piece of a wall with the tiles that were left over from the flooring, but they were pasted on the wall showing their back, creating a powerful vertical terracotta texture on a white wall,” architect Clàudia Raurell.

“We found La Odette with way too many partitions regarding its dimensions and its availability of natural light and ventilation,” she continued.

“We worked on contrasts to break the volume up into planes, a gesture that makes the space have some complexity.”

living room, CRÜ Studio

The kitchen is fitted with red polished marblefrom south Spain that contrasts a white central island.

A sliding corrugated glass door separates the master bedroom and the living area, allowing light to pass between the two spaces while maintaining privacy.

La Odette Apartment by CRÜ Studio

bathroom, CRÜ Studio


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