Loft Green / Anchal Interiors

Loft Green

Loft Green is a 90 sqm apartment designed in 2016 by Polish studio Anchal Interiors. The apartment is located in Legnica, Poland.

Anchal Interiors 2

Anchal Interiors 1

Anchal Interiors 3

Anchal Interiors 4

Anchal Interiors 5

Anchal Interiors 6

Anchal Interiors 7

Anchal Interiors 8

Anchal Interiors 9

Anchal Interiors 10

Anchal Interiors 11

Anchal Interiors 12Anchal Interiors 19

Anchal Interiors 13

Anchal Interiors 18

Anchal Interiors 14

Anchal Interiors 15

Anchal Interiors 16

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