Toy Loft in Los Angeles / CHA:COL

Toy Loft, Los Angeles by CHACOL

Architects: CHA:COL
Project: Toy Loft
Location: Los Angeles, CA, USA
Photography: Edward Duarte

The clients are a husband and wife, both visual artists. One is a creative director and the other is an illustrator. They purchased a top floor unit, in need of substantial remodeling because of the work left behind on all surfaces by an artist with questionable talents. The clients wanted a flexible live-work space on a very tight budget ($75k) when they approached us. The use in the unit is genuine live-work for two working visual artists.

Toy Loft, Los Angeles by CHACOL 1

Our proposal involved a ‘super compaction’ approach. Into this single-story loft, we dropped in a compressed structure designed to contain everything they required. A loft within a loft, or a ” toy loft “, as it were.

Toy Loft, Los Angeles by CHACOL 2

To meet this tight budget, we hacked together IKEA shelving, light gauge steel framing, site-cut exposed edge plywood and mdf. This single shell contains an attic nook, a lower lounge, a rolling seasonal closet, bleachers with storage cubbies and a worksurface, all interconnected to maximize their space. The seasonal closet in particular, is a highlight we’re proud of. It was built as a series of modules that can roll on tracks, concealing lesser used shelving beyond. The clients can then slide these modules to configure as they please for both seasonal and his/ her needs. The cubby, workspace desk and bleacher steps are also tightly integrated to support both their freelance visual work needs and provide a flexible social space for entertainment.

Toy Loft, Los Angeles by CHACOL 4

Toy Loft, Los Angeles by CHACOL 5

Toy Loft, Los Angeles by CHACOL 6

Toy Loft, Los Angeles by CHACOL 7

Toy Loft, Los Angeles by CHACOL 8

Toy Loft, Los Angeles by CHACOL 9

Toy Loft, Los Angeles by CHACOL 3

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