Director’s Loft in Manhattan by SheltonMindel

Director's Loft in Manhattan by SheltonMindel

Project: Director’s Loft
Architects: SheltonMindel
Location: Manhattan, New York, United States
Year 2019
Photography: Michael Moran
Text by SheltonMindel

In this loft residence, the shell of the space is articulated by the exposure of its limed brick enclosure and sprinklers and overhead utilities. All added partitions are articulated in a white lacquer panel system by differentiating vocabularies of old and new. The modernist intervention of lacquered fixed and moveable panels amidst the exposed original wall spaces, makes clear what is old and what is new.

living room by SheltonMindel

The palette of the Director’s Loft is inspired by the confutation of the materials utilized visible from its large scaled openings celebration of the symphony the surrounding city. This loft becomes another chorus singing the praises of “ I’ll take Manhattan”

Director's Loft in Manhattan by SheltonMindel

About SheltonMindel
The SheltonMindel brand continues the legacy of the firm founded by Peter L. Shelton & Lee F. Mindel in 1978 as Shelton Mindel & Associates. The firm continues to provide complete architectural, interiors and product design services for corporate, cultural, academic, retail, recreational, hospitality and residential clients, under the sustaining leadership of Lee F. Mindel, Architect, D.P.C., a New York Design Professional Corporation which performs all architectural services. The firm is the recipient of twenty-eight AIA awards for architecture, seven Interior Design Magazine Best of Year awards for residential and commercial interiors; eighteen design awards from the Society of American Registered Architects, a Progressive Architecture citation, three Roscoe awards for product design, as well as three Good Design Awards and two American Architecture Awards from The Chicago Athenaeum.

dining room by SheltonMindel

kitchen by SheltonMindel

Director's Loft in Manhattan by SheltonMindel

Director's Loft in Manhattan by SheltonMindel

Director's Loft in Manhattan by SheltonMindel

bedroom by SheltonMindel

Director's Loft in Manhattan by SheltonMindel


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