LED Lounge Chair Designed by the German Company BeMoss

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LED Lounge C designed by the German company BeMoss

Do you wish a show of lights in your garden? A solution can be the LED Lounge Chair designed by the German company BeMoss, that once it is placed in the garden it can turn the evening into a fairy of lights. Described by the designers as “intelligent”, the lounge chair is modern and elegant and it can make an impressive show of lights.

LED Lounge designed by the German company BeMoss (10)

The form is simple; the structure in the acrylic glass is laser engraved and can be customized in endless design possibilities. This is battery charged with LED lights that beam flat through the lounge chair. Even though the presence of such lounge chairs in the garden is definitely pleasant, regarding the comfort offered by them, we are not convinced that the acrylic glass from which the lounge chairs are made can meet our expectations. However, these lounge chairs have the ability to illuminate and pleasantly surprise the participants of a friendly organized party in the garden or on a beach. The lounge chair made by BeMoss spreads vitality and it can contribute to a fairytale atmosphere, in the warm summer evenings spent with friends.

LED Lounge designed by the German company BeMoss (4)

It illuminates the transparent Plexiglas from the top end, laser engraved lines absorb the light and ensure homogeneous illumination of the lounge chair. Various shades of colour or colour change sequences can be selected and firmly adjusted. The battery life is ten hours. The lumiluxE LED lounge chair produced by us is distributed worldwide by Bemoss.

LED Lounge Chairs designed by the German company BeMoss (5)

LED Lounge Chairs designed by the German company BeMoss (6)

garden furniture designed by the German company BeMoss (11)

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