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Love at Dusk – All Things Return to Tranquility, Deep Emotions Fill the Space

Love at Dusk / SUHO HOME
Love at Dusk / SUHO HOME

Project Name:Love at Dusk
Project Address: Pao Ma Gang, WEI riverside, Jingzhou, Hubei Province, China
Design Firm: SUHO HOME
Chief Designer:Huang Qicheng
Design Guidance: Qin Kaizhuo
Project Director: Wang Wei
Doors, Windows, and Wall Cabinets:SUHO HOME、SPACE PLUS
Some Brands:Kludi、Villeroy&Boch、Bette、Geberit、KMEW、HunterDouglas、Poliform、Rimadesio、Molteni&C、Carl Hansen、Venjakob 、Flos、Mario Tsai
Post-production: Liu Can, Teng Jiecheng, Chen Kaiyin, Fan Qiaojun, Wu Shaoxin, Rong Jingwen

Stars, Fireworks, Shared with Home

Hazy dawn, blurred sundown
Alternate , never for anyone, a moment stay

Everyone pursues fame and power
In Materialize life
Forget that the journey is for final return

The case is located in a village of an ancient city – Jingzhou
The location of the owner’s old house
Here away from the hustle and bustle, quiet outside windows
The owner selected there to create a villa
For father’s wish – home is where the heart is

Calm and silence, open mind is the theme
For creating a field of inclusive coexistence between human and nature
Between the spaces, borders are blurred and diluted
Lights crossing, to create a refreshing comfortable place with bright

Love at Dusk / SUHO HOME

Love at Dusk / SUHO HOME

In the simple and elegant, unfold the narrative
Push the door and step in
The continuous line evokes the atmosphere
Wood color and pure white base fitting each other
Large area of rustic tones come into view
Standing there, undressed from exhaustion

The reception room is open for speech
The temperament of leaving blank breaks repression and restraint
Visually convey a sense of pure lightness

Orderly cabinet wall as one
Present the interpretation of inclusive space aesthetics
With the extreme line arrangement
Between the horizontal and vertical, inject freedom and agility

Lights, plants, decoration
There is an order in disorder
Find a new balance in the balance

living area

living area

In freedom, embrace love
The layout of kitchen and living room, shook off traditional experiences
Provided new ideas in conventional logic
The areas are separated by island countertop
By the unbounded combination, construct flowing areas

Light and air flowing freely
No blocks for visual communication anytime
Intangible addition of emotional concentration in limited space
play, cook, and talk
Everything happens naturally


dining area

In the light or shadow, imagination spreads
Steps on the stairs
Sunshine Through the gaps in the shutters
Like musical notes dancing, dense and graceful temperament

The terraces laid carefully
Interwoven with Light points, perform the opposite of deep and shallow
Visual tension shines through in the holding
Light and shadow flicker and mingle with green plants
The space gained new vitality

The sun recedes into the night
Underfoot light belt with aesthetic thinking scheduling
Every step is a tribute to the art

Step into the second floor corridor
Comfortable and warm temperament continues
wooden grille connecting the study to the hallway
Hollow design to control the light and dark
Light, clear glass
Natural light illuminates the room

Study, with light, also has a soul
Morning tea, the wind shuffled curtains
A little soft light seeps in
On coffee tables and books

Quiet hides warmth and love
In the fleeting years, sow the heart of the spring and autumn fruits


upper level

Soft, return to the original
Bedrooms don’t need to be overdecorated
Blend with light color
By being simple and open
Created another comfortable context

Warm light, wood color and open cloakroom
All are the medium of emotional expression
Cooperate with each other, tacit integration

Enter the realm of thought
Bathroom with glass light texture
Create a calm atmosphere in the space
In the flow of time
Close eyes, relax, healing

home office

home office

In vast and open area, everything heals
Transparent glass connects nature
It is the beauty of the day
In vast space and infinite time
Encounter a mountain romance

The courtyard connects to fresh green
The elegant bamboo creates a zen environment
Leisure time sitting in front of the door
Ornamental move with the wind
There will also be a sense of inner peace

A patchwork of green plants in the backyard
Through different forms of containment
Brings different look and feel

Terrace close to nature
Shining lights and all things gaze and whisper
Brewing another imagination of a better life
Light balls, green plants, and gravel interwoven
Endow the space with a gentle touch

Home, vivid because of members, born from loves
A space that full of emotion
Will permeate the rest of life
All was still, and the night sky was like washed
May there be light in the mountains to light the way home


Love at Dusk / SUHO HOME

Love at Dusk / SUHO HOME

Love at Dusk / SUHO HOME

Love at Dusk / SUHO HOME
Love at Dusk / SUHO HOME

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