Lux Pacis – Design Metaphor for a Better World

Lux Pacis - Design Metaphor for a Better World (1)

In the fifth edition of Design Days Dubai fair, Amarist Studio exhibited several special designs reflecting the social, economic and war-related conflicts that envelop today’s world.

For the occasion, Amarist specifically created a piece to be presented at Design Days Dubai 2016; Lux Pacis, an illuminated missile metaphor of a better world. A projectile filled with light, innocence and hopeful anticipation offering a glimpse of a brighter future. The explosive launches the message of reconstruction and reconciliation of cultures, marking the beginning of the new artwork that the studio is preparing for this year.

Lux Pacis - Design Metaphor for a Better World (2)

The total value of Lux Pacis will be donated entirely to the World Peace Forum in support to their work in building a better world in peace.

Lux Pacis - Design Metaphor for a Better World (3)

Lux Pacis is honed from translucent white alabaster and backlit with LED light symbolizing purity and innocence, a concrete ruin as a witness of past conflicts and a blooming rose as a sign of life and hope.

Lux Pacis - Design Metaphor for a Better World (4)

To Amarist, capturing these transformative moments in original pieces makes us witnesses to history, leads us to reflect on the present, and invites us to paint a better future. Courtesy of Amarist

Lux Pacis - Design Metaphor for a Better World (5)

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