Sea Anemones for Galerie BSL at the 2016 PAD London Fair / Pia-Maria Raeder

Sea Anemones

For the first time the handmade unique pieces – Sea Anemones – by the German artist Pia-Maria Raeder will be presented during the PAD London to an international audience. From simple beech rods patiently sanded, cut, arranged and lacquered, Pia Maria Raeder designs refined functional sculptures which evoke biomorphic forms. Each work is unique and handmade. More than 400 hours of work and 16,000 beech rods were necessary to design the ‘Sea Anemones – White’ installation, made of three side tables completed by two sculptures.

‘In my work on beech rods, I love the challenge of overcoming the contradictions in the material as I play with it. Natural beech rods are straight, but combined at different heights, these rods take on a new form resembling a wave with shadowy reflections. A wooden rod, that is rigid in itself, becomes soft and rounded once sanded. The application of lacquer on the rods arranged in large numbers transforms the wood and underlines its movements.’

Sea Anemones 1

Emancipated from its limits, the wood is offered a newfound freedom. The breath of life seems to animate these intriguing sculptures in which function and poetry fuse. Their presence is like the echo of nature’s murmur while their organic and biomorphic waves sketch the movement of life.

Sea Anemones 2

Pia Maria Raeders collection ‘Sea Anemones’ is exclusively produced for Galerie BSL. Take a look at the booth of Galerie BSL, where you will find different sidetables, decorative objects and a standing oval mirror of the designer.

Sea Anemones 5

– Every piece of the installation ‘Sea Anemones Installation – White 2016’ is made by hand.
– Each of the 16,000 white beechwood rods were individually fashioned, lacquered and assembled.
– The rods are arranged in a wave-shaped pattern in the installation.
– The cement bases were hand-cast, and each table is complemented by a brass top.
– It took over 400 hours to create this unique piece, with each rod being carefully arranged in a wave-like pattern.
– All five pieces of the installation can also be ordered individually and in any customised colour.

Sea Anemones 4

Sea Anemones 5

Sea Anemones 6

Sea Anemones 7

Sea Anemones 8

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