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Totoro Collection by Kateryna Sokolova

Totoro Collection by Kateryna Sokolova

Totoro is a seating and coffee tables collection with timeless shapes, cute silhouettes, and bold character. Called after the Japanese animation film “My Neighbor Totoro”, written and directed by Hayao Miyazaki, the Totoro furniture collection has a friendly and soft silhouette that brings a cozy mood to the house. The collection consists of a fully upholstered chair, armchair, and three-seater sofa that offer a perfect combination of elegance, functionality, ergonomics, and aesthetic appeal while meeting all the requirements for maximum comfort. The seats are characterized by soft, rounded shapes that emphasize the seat, backrest, and legs whose generous diameter determines the distinctive appearance of the entire collection. The upholstery is fixed and can be chosen in leather or fabric.

Totoro Collection by Kateryna Sokolova

When I was creating the Totoro collection, I aimed to design objects that resemble imaginary friends some children have. They are friendly creatures that envelope you with warmth and care. Although we grow up, sometimes we need them back. Our attitude to home coziness had changed after the lockdown we had due to the COVID pandemic. Rounded furniture shapes and touchable textures became more valuable than ever beforedesigner Kateryna Sokolova says.

Totoro Collection by Kateryna Sokolova

The collection is completed by a series of coffee tables in three different sizes, each with an unusual three-leg base. The distinctive features of these small tables are the soft, rounded shape of the MDF top with a shaped edge, and by the generous diameter of the turned solid wood legs. The finish is a fine-textured lacquer proposed in three pastel shades.

Totoro Collection by Kateryna Sokolova

The collection was first showcased in Driade flagship store during Milan Design Week 2021. This year the company presented new objects by designers Fabio Novembre, Elena Salmistraro, and also Kateryna Sokolova.

sofo by Kateryna Sokolova

coffee table, Kateryna Sokolova

Totoro Collection by Kateryna Sokolova

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