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Milking Parlour

Located in the heart of the Dartmoor National Park and set within 60 acres of woodland and meadow, Milking Parlour is an old farm buildings converted by van Ellen + Sheryn into a family home. Unoccupied for a number of years, the clients bought the dilapidated property at auction, looking for the ultimate ‘project’. Their brief was to turn the farmhouse and barns into a large, modern family home with annex space for various flexible use.

Project description: A 19th Century farm complex in the middle of Dartmoor National ParkThis former milking parlour forms part of a cluster of agricultural buildings, adjacent to the main farm building. Redundant and not used for a number of years, the building needed a new lease of life.

Milking Parlour 1

We maintained the roadside form and appearance of the barn, however, as the building extends towards the more private elevation, a more radical facelift was designed. We demolished half of the barn and, adopting the same footprint, ‘extruded’ out a contemporary green oak and glass form. Significant re-grading of the landscape allowed connection to the main farmhouse and created a new private, external terrace.

Milking Parlour 2

The open plan, double height space provides additional living accommodation, with bedrooms located in a loft room and in the old barn.

Architects: van Ellen + Sheryn
Project: Milking Parlour
Lead Carpenter: Robert Williams
Frame Design: Paul Slemmings
Location: Devon, UK
Photography: van Ellen + Sheryn

Milking Parlour 3

Milking Parlour 4

Milking Parlour 5

Milking Parlour 7

Milking Parlour 8

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