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Night and Day Apartment Designed by Daniel Hopwood

Night and Day Bermondsey apartment designed by Daniel Hopwood
A large Minotti sofa in petrol blue and a shaggy rug designed to hide any stains, remember this flat is designed for parties.

Night and Day apartment is an interior design project conducted by Daniel Hopwood Design Studio. The apartment is located in Bermondsey, a district of south London.

The designer’s description: Commissioned by a young American based in Bermondsey wanting to celebrate his time in London with a cool cutting edge, interior designed penthouse apartment. There were no holds barred and so yes I had some fun with this project.

Night and Day Bermondsey apartment
Polished steel ceiling reflects the custom-made reclaimed wood dining table, antique French bergères covered in fabric from Timorous Beasties.

The design is all about contrast, rough with the polished, old and the new, night and day. From a raw wood dining table reflecting in the polished steel ceiling panel to a bar made from scaffolding planks next to a bespoke kitchen designed in house using new interesting materials and cantilevered panels. My favourite though are the large comfortable French arm chairs covered in rocking Timorous Beasties textiles ideal for lounging on whilst reading the Sunday papers.

Night and Day Bermondsey apartment designed by Daniel Hopwood - kitchen design
There is an amazing amount of trickery, thought and discussion that goes into enabling that paper-thin bar top to cantilever out from the island.
Night and Day Bermondsey penthouse apartment in London
The party might be over but through careful use of resilient materials, it will still look great in the morning.
Bermondsey penthouse apartment in London
Ok, we’ve cheated… The back wall isn’t really made of wall planks, but is instead wallpaper by Piet Hein Eek.
Bermondsey penthouse apartment - interiors by Daniel Hopwood
Texture and patina with black Sobrano cigarettes just seemed right in this apartment.
Bermondsey penthouse designed by Daniel Hopwood - London
A fine reflection of the modern age, all books, DVD’s and music is stored electronically, so there is little use for storage. Instead, the shelves have become installations in themselves using Richlite and back-lit turquoise and coral red panels.
Night and Day Bermondsey penthouse apartment
To celebrate our young client’s sojourn in London, Timorous Beasties London toile has been hung in the hallway. Look more closely at the images and you’ll find it’s not as polite as you think!
Bermondsey penthouse apartment designed by Daniel Hopwood - London
Following that smoky party, this flat does clean up very well.
Bermondsey penthouse apartment designed by Daniel Hopwood Studio Design
What’s great about those lovely, old French carver chairs, is that they are really comfortable to spend a whole morning having brunch and reading the newspapers.
Bermondsey apartment designed by Daniel Hopwood Design Studio
1950’s sputnik style coat hooks were sourced from Gubi. The shoe storage is simply made from old scaffolding boards.
Bermondsey apartment designed by Daniel Hopwood, London
I’ve pushed the parameters for the kitchen design using raw copper, the work surfaces are a paper composite. The tiles are made from cement.
Night and Day Bermondsey apartment - terrace
With the London eye illuminating the sky, the terrace has a long storage bench ideal for dancing on and a bright orange table and chairs which can be seen from the other end of the living room. You can find the garden set from the Conran Shop.

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