Nook House in East London / Mustard Architects

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Nook House

Located in east London, Nook house is a family home that has been renovated and extended by local studio Mustard Architects.

Project description: Nooks and crannies permeate and define the extension and refurbishment of this terraced house. Through a series of structural alterations we formed a series of elegant, open plan and light filled spaces conceived as a series of nooks from the scale of a room down to the home for a favourite bowl.

Nook House 1

A large ash framed glazed door and windows frame views of the garden through the house and from the entrance. We designed the kitchen as a gallery for an eclectic cookware collection and allowed these to decorate the space. The project experiments, combining stainless steel, birch faced plywood, grey mdf, cement tiles and a cast in-situ concrete kitchen bench at critical junctions in the kitchen. Outside the small extension the interventions are subtle and in harmony with the character of the Victorian building.

Nook House 2

We re-used as much of the existing building as possible and added high levels of insulation and a triple glazed rooflight to help maintain a thermally stable home.

Architects: Mustard Architects
Project: Nook house
Location: London, UK
Photography: Tim Crocker

Nook House 3

Nook House 4

Nook House 5

Nook House 6

Nook House 9

Nook House 7

Nook House 7

Nook House 8

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