Axelrod Architects

The Bauhaus Loft by Axelrod Architects

A Tel Aviv loft apartment located in the iconic Zamenhof Clinic building, whose unfussy Bauhaus style has been preserved in the building’s 21st century transformation into a luxurious residential complex.

White Screens Apartment in Tel Aviv by Axelrod Architects

The White Screens Apartment, built on 3200 sq. ft. (300 sqm), was designed for a private client. The Axelrod Design team were invited to combine two 23rd floor apartments into one.

Light and Airy Residence with Sea Views in Israel

As a starting point, the architect created a central wall, white and reflective, leading from the entrance, where it almost immediately turns a 90°corner and continues along the entire length of the apartment’s long axis.

Modern Duplex House Features a Minimalist and Balanced Architecture

A modern duplex house located in a small neighborhood north of Tel-Aviv, Israel, resides two families of close friends. Both are well attuned to modern architecture as owners of construction technology solutions businesses.

Oakland Hills House by Axelrod Architects

The Oakland Hills house was built originally in 1939, the house renovation aimed to update the property by creating a modern, spacious interior, without expanding its original footprint. The two-level house is perched on a hillside lot, overlooking Oakland and the San Francisco East Bay.

Black Core House by Axelrod Architects / Tel Aviv

The Black Core House espouses the firm’s Principal Irit Axelrod’s modern visual language, influenced by numerous International Style and Bauhaus buildings found in modern Tel Aviv. This design influence runs deep in all her projects.