Dan Gayfer Design

Dan Gayfer is the founder and creative influence behind Dan Gayfer Design. After completing a Bachelor of Design at RMIT in 2005 (Hons 1), Dan pursued his dream to create a studio that integrated building, interior and exterior design – a business that today also extends to project coordination.

Since the inception of Dan Gayfer Design in 2011, Dan has consistently delivered intelligent spatial outcomes for his clients that boast responsive design and visually pleasing form. He actively pursues the marriage of aesthetic and spatial function when he designs, and this is evident in the graceful flow of his lifestyle enabling creations.

Dan Gayfer brings functionality and considered innovation into residential spaces. The studio embraces a collaborative approach to design, where the lifestyle needs of every client are identified and prioritised to result in outstanding and customised living spaces.

LOCATION: Melbourne, Australia
LEARN MORE: dangayfer.com

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