Duarte Caldas Architectural Design

Sun Tan Restaurant / Duarte Caldas + Mariana Peralta

Sun Tan is a project for a restaurant of about 70 m2, located in Bairro das Colónias, in Lisbon. The project is installed on the ground floor of a building constructed in the 1930s, included within Lisbon’s most significant set of Art Deco style architecture.

Costa Brava Weekend House by Duarte Caldas Architectural Design

The Costa Brava Weekend House project involved the renovation of two existing buildings and the construction of a new complimentary space, to create two independent dwellings designed for use by a family as a second home.

Lisbon Duplex Apartment with a Small Terrace on the Roof

The functional layout proposed included a living room, kitchen, bedroom and bathroom. The intervention began by creating a separation between the social and private areas of the apartment by way of the two existing floors.