Vitor Almeida

About ESQVTA Studio

Vitor Almeida is an architect based in Porto, the city where he was born on May 5th, 1974.

In 1999 he completes his architectural degree in FAUP, the Architecture School of Porto’s University and begins his professional career, both as a guest professor at FAUP and as an independent architect.

His path as an architect starts by developing private and institutional projects but early on a passion for sophisticated and tailored spaces drives him to also focus in Interior Design.

In 2003, Vitor Almeida starts his new office and brand eu.sei.que.vou.te.amar… ( ESQVTA Studio) in Porto, extending his professional activity to Interior Design and Furniture Design basing the foundations of his practice in the concept of Interior Tailoring. Each piece created is enveloped in absolute uniqueness and inspired not by seasonal tendencies but by the reflection of his creative universe and the strong clean design aesthetic of contemporary architecture.

Is work is first presented internationally in 2010 with is presence in Interior Design Exhibits.

It is from the headquarters of his office eu.sei.que.vou.te.amar… that Vitor Almeida creates his unique, intimate and sophisticate ambiances extending his work through Architecture, Interior Design and Furniture Design. Each piece and project are unique, both in its design, its careful choice of materials and in the quality of its finishes and execution.

Nowadays, Vitor Almeida’s office counts on a multidisciplinary team to assist him in responding to a growing demand for his work.

Precision and sophistication are two of the most important traits that make up the DNA of the architect’s signature. And it is to the sound of the legendary Tom Jobim that he creates the spaces that awaken a lifelong love affair with architecture.

LOCATION: Porto, Portugal

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