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Fiona Lynch Office was founded in 2013 by Fiona Lynch, whose painterly command of colour and texture continues to dene the atmospheric potency of each residential, commercial, institutional or hospitality project the studio engages.

Servicing architectural and interior design projects at all scales, our style of spirited minimalism incorporates bespoke furniture, lighting and joinery with an emphasis on ecological responsibility.

Fiona’s artistic instinct guides the studio’s aesthetic, which hinges on our use of natural materials and sculptural elements, harmonisation of the raw and rened, and tactical and inventive uses of space.

Each project’s supple and distinguished interiors are dened by their captivating tonal experiences, polished details, tactile materiality, and heightened considerations of depth, light and shadow.

We prioritise collaboration across disciplines, allying with contemporary artists and skilled artisans – from ceramicists to sculptors and metalworkers – to customise our design visions.

As an extension of Fiona Lynch Oce and our commitment to unique expressions of creativity, we regularly showcase experimental design, artworks and objects by an international roster of artists and designers in our public gallery annex, Work Shop.


Led by Fiona Lynch, the studio is driven by its dexterous team, which includes multidisciplinary designers and a registered architect. Based in Melbourne, the studio’s expertise and international connectivity to suppliers, vendors and trade allows its work to resonate geographically unbound.

With Fiona overseeing the creative direction on every project, we oer services ranging from new builds to major structural renovations, with tailored attention to design details through a practice of customising furniture and nishes.

Ethos of community and sustainability marry with our multidisciplinary design capabilities and a global network of creators to drive forward an inclusive and encouraging client experience at every stage of the project journey.

Our commitment to sustainable practices

Our work is underpinned by thoughtful consideration of the lifecycle and environmental impact of our designs and the furnishings that we select. We prioritise materials, objects and furniture that are consciously produced, that possess enduring qualities, and that will age gracefully.

With a restrained approach to crafting joinery elements, our simple detailing reduces waste from ocuts, while our custom design solutions seek to minimise maintenance and reduce overall energy consumption.

Our commitment to sustainable practices is manifested through Future Archive, our digital resource that catalogues innovative and aesthetically appealing sustainable materials and design products from around the globe.

LOCATION: Melbourne, Australia

St Kilda Apartment by Fiona Lynch

St Kilda Apartment by Fiona Lynch

Overlooking olive green gums, St Kilda Apartment is conjured from a place of restfulness and elegance. Capturing the adventurous spirit of its owners, the redesign works see the previously dark and oppressive enclave transformed its wearied bones into a refreshing and elevated experience.

Fitzroy House – Relaxing Retreat by Fiona Lynch

Project: Fitzroy House Interior Design: Fiona Lynch Location: Fitzroy, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia Photo Credits: Sharyn Cairns Photography Fitzroy House is a interior design project recently completed by Fiona Lynch Interior Design Office. The Lara Boot Factory in Hargreaves Street, Fitzroy, was converted into a living space by Ivan Rijavec in the 1980s. We were approached

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