Imbue Design

We are a modern design firm, minimalists when we can be.
Fresh out of architecture grad school, anxious to work, we were immediately disillusioned by the amount of soulless architecture being produced in Salt Lake City. Rather than following the traditional architecture career path at a large firm, working on someone else’s grocery store bathroom layouts, we decided to do our own thing.
We founded Imbue Design on four principals: 1- refuse to do work we aren’t fully in love with, even at the risk of turning down money, 2- every project is a portfolio piece we’ll want to show off, 3- architecture must have real meaning without being stuffy or esoteric, 4- never compromise rule #1.
Since 2008 we’ve been sitting at the same 10 foot desk rubbing elbows and doing what we love- imbuing architecture with meaning.
Our mission is to enrich the lives of discerning individuals through the beauty of simplicity and the freedom of thoughtful space. Our goal is to promote the virtue of conscious living and the richness of authenticity. It is quality over quantity, function over decoration, architecture over building, home over house. Our work lies in helping people to live deliberately.
Though our work is mostly comprised of custom homes and commercial spaces, we collaborate with great clients on whatever they bring us as long as it aligns with our founding principles and philosophy.

LOCATION: Salt Lake City, UT

Escalante Retreat / Imbue Design

Escalante Retreat / Imbue Design

Having recently graduated from university, full of youthful energy and optimism, two college buddies pooled their money to embark on an adventure that wouldn’t fully come to fruition until many years later.

Capitol Reef Desert Dwellings, Imbue Design

Capitol Reef Desert Dwellings / Imbue Design

Tucked away in a remote desert location just outside of the U.S. Capitol Reef National Park is a plot of land with some of the most impressive rock formations in the world. The owners of the plot, two warmly intelligent professionals with an affinity for minimal design, came to Imbue requesting the design of a small campus of structures where they could drink in the raw desert beauty.

Rock Canyon House by Imbue Design 16

Rock Canyon House by Imbue Design

The Rock Canyon house was custom designed expressly for its young family of inhabitants. Like the members of the family, the spaces in the home are open, refreshing, individually distinct yet strongly connected from one to the next.

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