Johan Sundberg Arkitektur AB

Timjan Pavilion / Johan Sundberg Arkitektur AB

Refined yet generous, Johan Sundberg arkitketur’s extension to a 1920’s villa in Lund’s residential quarter brings new life to both the house and its apple orchard.

Sommarhus T, Sweden / Johan Sundberg Arkitektur AB

In the north eastern part of Ljunghusen, next to the Falsterbo channel, the forest is lower and slightly more sparse. The ground consists only of sand. In this scene, we have placed this summer house for a family of four.

Summerhouse Solviken / Johan Sundberg Arkitektur AB

On a steep slope overlooking the sea lies Summerhouse Solviken. Twelve steel pillars lifts the house off the ground and places it level with the surrounding treetops. The elevated position amplifies its amazing views and distances it from the adjacent street.

Summerhouse H / Johan Sundberg Arkitektur AB

Summerhouse H is located on the southern coast of the Skåne-region in Sweden, in a scenic location just a couple of metres from the beach. The house has views both towards the Baltic Sea to the south and the heathland to the east.

J House by Johan Sundberg Arkitektur AB / Sweden

Project: J House Architects: Johan Sundberg Arkitektur AB Chief Architect: Johan Sundberg Associate Architects: Maria Mauléon Lundberg, Andreas Amasalidis, Staffan Rosvall, Marcus Andäng Structural Engineer: Anders Sandgren, Ramböll Building...