Modscape is an Australian owned and operated company that utilises the benefits of modular design and prefabrication to create architecturally designed, innovative sustainable homes and commercial projects.

The owners of Modscape have combined their extensive experience in the design, development and construction industries to create our modular homes.

This experience has been supplemented by collaborating with architects, engineers, sustainable development consultants, industry organizations, suppliers, contractors and specialist consultants in their ongoing production.

With Modscape you will get:
– an architecturally designed project that uses quality materials at a fixed price
– a tightly controlled construction process that still allows for high levels of customisation
– a modern, sustainable home or commercial project that will be built and installed within a fixed timeframe
– a home or commerical project that minimises environmental impact, but doesn’t compromise on design and quality
– a project that is brought to life by the one team
– an enjoyable and stress-free building process

LOCATION: Melbourne, Australia

Off-the-Grid Sustainable House in Victoria’s Central Highlands 2

Off-the-Grid Sustainable House in Victoria’s Central Highlands

Sitting peacefully in an open field, this off-the-grid sustainable house captures the views without compromising on environmental performance. Located at Franklinford in Victoria’s Central Highlands, the four-bedroom home is shared between two families, providing a gathering place for the extended family and a place to relax and relish the joys of rural life.

Modular House on the Shores of Port Phillip Bay

Project: Mt Martha modular house Architects: Modscape Location: Port Phillip, Victoria, Australia Located 200m from Birdrock Beach on the shores of Port Phillip bay stands this striking home, raw in modular form. This modular house was completed in April 2016 by Australian studio Modscape. The arresting design developed out of a strong collaboration between the client

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