Tal Goldsmith Fish Design Studio

Tal Goldsmith Fish is the owner of an up and coming architecture & design studio in Tel-Aviv, Israel. Tal holds a bachelor’s degree in interior design (B. design) and an M.Sc. in Architecture. The studio designs a wide range of projects – private residences, showrooms, office spaces and commercial spaces. The studio explores the principles of sophisticated simplicity and the power of what is implied on space, rather than obvious, with constant effort to translate a story into space.

The studio is constantly researching multi-sensual experiences in living spaces, utilizing varied materials and technologies. With passion to observe and learn the universal language of the architecture and the design scene, the studio takes a modernist approach, minimal morphology, and seeks to find unique solutions and refined details.

The studio’s designs make use of natural materials and bright colors respecting light, air and vegetation, turning each project into optimistic and pleasant design rich with clarity and serenity. The perfect balance is always sought after, the right mixture of material, form and color providing minimum contrast and maximum harmony. Using personal interpretations, we are always striving to provide an exciting, unique, and suitable experience to the client and the project.
Tal has won several design awards.

LOCATION: Tel-Aviv, Israel
LEARN MORE: talfish.com

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