Terry & Terry Architecture

Terry & Terry Architecture is an architecture firm based in San Francisco, California, founded by Alexander and Ivan Terry.

The studio prides itself on its ability to combine innovative architectural theory and practice. The partners, Alexander and Ivan Terry, each have over nineteen years of experience, offering both design concepts and professional production services in architecture.

The partnership has experience with a wide variety of projects, including the design of single family and multi – family housing, retail, and office space; tenant improvement; and urban design. They have extensive, unique experience with building construction and fabrication that has enabled them to acquire and refine a first-hand knowledge of the relationship between concept, construction and project realization.

The partnership has explored other design concepts in urban design in collaborative efforts with other design professionals. In an attempt to improve the built environment, it has engaged in investigations of several concepts in future infrastructures that integrate architecture and planning.

The studio aspires to improve the quality of life through design excellence– thus exploring design challenges at all levels, from furniture design to urban design with a focus on innovation in response to changing conditions.

LOCATION: Berkeley, California, United States
LEARN MORE: terryandterryarchitecture.com

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