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Blue Hills House / la SHED architecture

Designed by the Canadian company la SHED architecture from Montreal, Blue Hills House is situated in the mountains, on a large wooded property.

Eco Furniture from Recycled Silk Remnants, by Meb Rure

It is remarkable that young designers are looking for solutions to transform dump goods into home-use products. Many materials could be valorized and deserve...

Contemporary Art – Eccentricity of Wood by Olga Oreshyna

„In my belief, wood retains the spirit of the living tree and I just try to honour it. Wood is an excellent medium. It’s...

Nieuw Amsterdam – Nuon Office / Heyligers Design + Projects

The complex Nieuw Amsterdam was built 25 years ago and has recently been transformed into a modern mixed-use building: hotel, Horeca services, catering services and the largest part being devoted to the offices owned by the company Nuon Energy.

Duplex Penthouse, Cooper Square / CWS Architecture

This duplex penthouse loft has a surface of 4,500 square feet and is situated in Carl Fisher building at Cooper Square, NY.

Driftwood Sculptures by Vincent Richel

Inspired by nature, beauty and by the diversity of the surrounding, Vincent Richel has created driftwood sculptures, trying to mimic the nature. The artist collects...

Multifunctional Sofa by Turkish Designer Burak Kocak

Herb is a multifunctional sofa with a simple design that also combines different functions with the purpose of increasing attractiveness and to convince us to spend as much time as possible relaxing while sitting on it.

Innovative Furniture for a Expressive Room

SuiSo is a design studio from Guadalajara, Mexico, which promotes an innovative concept of modular furniture, drawings and decors that offer the option to...

Daisy Garden Rug – a Playful and Interactive Rug

The young designers from Joe Jin Design Company Ltd, a creative studio in Toronto, Canada, have imagined a playful and interactive rug that can...

Planter Table – Some Freshness to Your Home / Emily  Wettstein

Emily  Wettstein, a young designer from Brooklyn, NY, carried out the project Planter Table with the intention to offer freshness by bringing nature closer. This is a more special table due to the fact that various plants can be integrated in it.

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