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Philanthropic Organization Offices, California

A hub that provides flexible and adaptable work environments for agile collaboration

Philanthropic Organization Offices, California
Philanthropic Organization Offices

Project: Philanthropic Organization Offices
Architecture: Bohlin Cywinski Jackson
Location: Redwood City, California
Area: 77000 ft2
Year: 2021
Phoot Credits: Bohlin Cywinski Jackson

A hub for a mission-driven organization with broad reach provides flexible, adaptive work environments for agile collaboration, community gathering, and quiet focus.

Our client leverages technology and community-driven solutions to solve societal challenges at local and global scale. Teams work in core focus areas of science, education, community, and justice and opportunity, adjusting quickly with evolving needs. After leasing four levels of a loft-style building with large floorplates and ample room for growth, they engaged us to create a healthy and responsive workplace with harmony between areas for individual and group work.


Responding to our clients’ daily rhythms, we created clusters with inviting furniture arrangements and technology-enabled meeting spaces close at hand, facilitating seamless transition while minimizing disruption. Gathering areas interspersed throughout the project serve multiple functions while responding to the flow of office life. Located just off a main circulation path, the Coffee Lab is a relaxing meeting place and is also located adjacent to the office’s IT help desk. The all-staff room on the third floor is equipped with an array of AV technology to transition easily between a dining hall and presentation venue, creating multiple uses and programmatic flexibility.

Philanthropic Organization Offices, California

Inspiring artwork and biophilic elements enliven each floor, contributing to a healthy, human-scale environment. Whether inside the library or gathered on the roof deck, employees enjoy an abundance of natural light, greenery, and views. Large-scale murals communicate core values and provide a vibrant backdrop to social spaces throughout, while illustrations by the Oakland-based artist Carissa Potter, known for work that speaks poignantly to the human condition, contribute to a workplace focused on global and local challenges.

Philanthropic Organization Offices, California

Philanthropic Organization Offices, California

Philanthropic Organization Offices, California

Philanthropic Organization Offices, California


Philanthropic Organization Offices, California


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