Patrick Reynolds Photography

Patrick Reynolds is an Auckland based photographer specialising in photographing the built environment. He is also known for his expressive work which is included in collections such as Te Papa and the Auckland Art Gallery.

His architectural work can be seen in most leading publications both nationally and internationally, particularly in a series of substantial illustrated books including Bungalow [2014], Auckland Art Gallery A Place for Art [2013], Big House Small House [2012], New New Zealand Houses [2007], Homework [2010], and Villa [2009].

This concentration on the quality of our urban realm has lead to him teaching Urban Design at the School of Architecture and Planning at the University of Auckland. He is also a member of the editorial team at, the country’s leading online resource for understanding the forces at work in our cities, particularly Auckland.

Here through both photography and writing he seeks to unpack the role that broad decisions especially around transport policy has on urban form, place quality, and quality of life. He is a member of advocacy group Urban Auckland. And also a member of the Auckland Council Advisory Panel for Art in Public Places.

LOCATION: Auckland, New Zealand

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