Pedro Kok Photography

Patio Guapuruvu House / Estudio Piloti Arquitetura

The Patio Guapuruvu Hous was designed to minimize impact on the landscape, whether through the use of excavated soil to build the rammed earth walls or the choice of sustainably sourced wood.

AML Apartment, São Paulo / David Ito Arquitetura

The colourful environment in the AML apartment enhances the national culture, using traditional elements such as the tile and the ceramic panel signed by the artist Alexandre Mancini.

Casa Sao Paulo by Searle Puga Arquitectos

Dwelling implies movement and stillness. In this house, we wanted to give the same hierarchy to both the places of passage and those of permanence, arranged around or through different patios and gardens.

Nova York Apartment by FCstudio

The design of the Nova York Apartment translated the family's emotional desires into interior design, at the same time considering its necessary and particular functionality.

Casa das Jabuticabeiras by Terra e Tuma Arquitetos Associados

In this project, the design of the house comes with some special conditions of the place where it is inserted, a garden neighborhood in the city of São Paulo.

Box House in São Paulo Designed for a Young Architect

The Box House, located in a residential neighborhood of low verticalization in the city of São Paulo, was designed for a young architect (Flavio Castro), to himself.

Kana Filmes Offices / Playful and Creative Work Environment

Architects: AR Arquitetos Project: Kana Filmes Offices Location: São Paulo, Brasil Project Architects: Marina Acayaba and Juan Pablo Rosenberg Collaborator: Flávia Torres Project Area: 136.0 m2 Photography: Pedro Kok Kana Filmes...

Ibirapuera Apartment – Mix of Contemporary and Brazilian Modern Classics

Project: Ibirapuera apartment Designer: FCstudio Location: Ibirapuera, São Paulo, Brazil Area project: 462m² Photography: Pedro Kok Architect Flavio Castro of FCstudio worked to update and outfit the Ibirapuera apartment,...