Rafael Gamo Photography

Roca House / PPAA Pérez Palacios Arquitectos Asociados

Roca House is located in Yosemite Lakes, a prime location offering exceptional natural surroundings and stunning views of the national park.

House in Amatepec, Mexico / Manuel Cervantes Estudio

Amatepec is a house located in an area of Mexico City that has a determining topographic condition towards the ravine; In addition to the fact that the property has a very narrow front of 14 meters towards the street and a length of 77 meters

RF Residence, Mexico / JSa – Taller de Arquitectura

RF Residence harmonizes a single-family housing program in three volumes that embed and esteem the domestic space in a pristine environment.

South Slope House by Office of Architecture

This project – a 15’ wide, 3-story wood frame row house from the early 1900s located in Brooklyn – was completely overhauled for a young family whose relationship to home, work, school, and child care has shifted over the last few years.

Rocco Cantabria by ARQMOV Workshop

The project is located in Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua, Mexico. It is a city that borders Texas, United States; and therefore has characteristics typical of a border city.

Yuno Apartments in Mexico City by ARQMOV Workshop

Re-densification of different parts of Mexico City has had a significant impact on the construction sector and related project planning.

Casa Rancho Avándaro by Chain + Siman

In the environs of Valle de Bravo, Casa Rancho Avándaro is a weekend retreat designed primarily to make the most of its extensive natural surroundings.

Casa Zenteno, Mexico City / Sebastian Mariscal Studio & Alfonso Frade

Casa Zenteno began with a deep study of our client's needs, the context and site restrictions. Located on the west side of the city, within a private residential development, introspection and best sunlight conditions were some of the main objectives.

Lluvia House in Mexico City / Pérez Palacios Arquitectos Asociados

Lluvia house is a single-family residence located in Jardines del Pedregal, in southern Mexico City. The site is between neighboring constructions in a residential area.

Low-Impact Holiday Home Surrounded by Nature in the Middle of Nowhere

The Aculco project is a low-impact holiday home surrounded by nature in the middle of nowhere. It is the ideal place to get some rest from modern living in a natural environment, that has some impressive cliffs close by.

Casa Sierra Fria / Pérez Palacios Arquitectos Asociados

Casa Sierra Fria is a house located in a residential neighborhood in Mexico City. As the majority of the sites in this neighborhood have regular constructions on three of their four sides, the architectural concept began to explore the idea of the site ...

Casa La Quinta by Pérez Palacios Arquitectos Asociados

Casa La Quinta is a weekend house located in the town of San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato. After visiting the site and considering the requirements of the program, the conclusion was to respect the identity of the place, built context and the importance of the height of the neighboring preexistent walls.

Jardin Apartment Provides a Close Connection of Living Spaces with Patios and Interior Gardens

The Jardin apartment project occupies the lower level of a building on Mexico City’s west side. It generates a dialog between the newly constructed building and its environment, interweaving the project with its landscape and unifying indoors with outdoors.

Southampton House by Office of Architecture

When our clients approached us to discuss the feasibility of designing a 6000 square foot house in Southampton, New York, our immediate concern was that the lot – located in a FEMA floodplain, on a property that is approximately 50% unbuildable wetlands

Mexican House Build from Compressed Earth Blocks Formed On-Site

This is a consecutive housing development in Mexico City in which the restrictions, with a reduced separation between the houses, affects the views and how the orientations are leveraged.

11 Foot Wide Brooklyn House Extended and Upgraded by Office of Architecture

The owners of this 11 foot wide row Brooklyn house were faced with a conundrum that many young families in New York eventually confront: the possibility of sacrificing location for space. After living in the house for eight years, the pair – architect/Yale critic Aniket Shahane and jewelry designer Blanca Monros Gomez

Arqmov Workshop Renovated SFA House for a Young Family with Three Children

The SFA house is a refurbishment project that is faithful to the client's specific requirements. Arqmov Workshop initially suggested a brand new project, given the previous (quite unfortunate) refurbishment work on the property.

Casa O Cuatro / Migdal Arquitectos

Architects: Migdal Arquitectos Project: Casa O Cuatro Project Team: Alex Metta, Abraham Metta, Jaime Varon Collaborators: Levy Levy Arquitectos Interior Design: Migdal Arquitectos, Alex Metta, Abraham Metta, Jaime...

El Mirador House by CC Arquitectos / Mexico

Designed by CC Arquitectos, the 459-square-metre residence named El Mirador House is located on the 95-hectare El Eterno estate in Valle de Bravo –...

Traditional Apartment Turned into a Functional Studio for a Young Designer

This traditional apartment in Mexico City has been adapted to the modern lifestyle of a young owner. The project was designed and completed by Arqmov Workshop.

Just BE Apartments Designed with Two Very Different Façades

Project: Just Be Apartments Architects: Arqmov Workshop Location: Ciudad de México, Mexico Year 2016 Photos: Rafael Gamo Just BE Apartments is a residential project completed by Arqmov Workshop in...