Robert Canfield Photography

Robert Canfield is a San Francisco Bay Area architectural photographer serving a range of clients with projects across the country.

I received my degree in Architecture and practiced as a licensed architect in the Midwest for several years prior to settling in the San Francisco Bay area. Working here with large and small firms, I managed diverse residential, academic, healthcare, and commercial projects, including Levi’s Plaza in San Francisco. With a passion for both photography and architecture, I launched Robert Canfield Architectural Photography. Since 1991, I have been providing effective images of the built environment for architects and their technical consultants, engineers, builders, and developers at locations across the country. Architecture and architectural photography are driven by very similar principles: both are shaped and informed by light, and both aspire to the highest level of art. Yet, both are collaborative forms of art, requiring great technical expertise to meet very specific and practical requirements for a client, within a budget. I know the language of architecture and the voice of light. I understand the many issues which my clients face, and am experienced with the flexible, often sensitive procedures required on the jobsite. It is my conviction that, as in all design, good communication is the heart of the interactive photography process. On every shoot we explore the building, review the program and goals, and together find creative ways to make compelling images for the intended purpose. I greatly enjoy this process, and value the strong relationships developed with my clients over the years.


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