Studio Schicketanz

Studio Schicketanz was founded by Mary Ann Gabriele Schicketanz. Since its inception, her work has been sought after for Studio Schicketanz’ ability to weave together deeply philosophical approaches to landscape, architecture, and interior design with a focused emphasis on livability. A former dancer, Schicketanz holds a degree in architectural engineering. Her work has received praise for seamless integration into its surroundings; for her profound sensitivity to preserving the local landscape while also providing human shelter; and for her ecological and ethical commitments.

We strive to create buildings which reflect our client’s personalities, provide a space for them to thrive in and integrate as seamlessly as possible into their environments. And we are proud to have been awarded several top design awards for our work.

Our holistic approach to design assures our clients highly functional, customized and healthy interiors. In addition we offer all inclusive procurement furnishings, accessories, and art as well as installation/move-in services.

LOCATION: Carmel, California

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