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Poisson Blanc Chalet / Naturehumaine Architects

Poisson Blanc Chalet / Naturehumaine Architects

Project: Poisson Blanc Chalet
Architects: Naturehumaine Architects
Location: Laurentides, Québec, Canada
Area: 1,200 sqft
Year 2019
Photo Credits: Raphaël Thibodeau
Text by Naturehumaine Architects

The concept of Poisson Blanc Chalet results from the rugged topography of its site, a sloping terrain on which the project is anchored in the bedrock, revealing an angular and monolithic architecture.

Poisson Blanc Chalet / Naturehumaine Architects

Its shape and its most minimalist expression allows for optimal compactness and a reduced footprint on its site. Its square plan is topped by a symmetrical gabled roof that reinforces its geometric appearance.

Poisson Blanc Chalet / Naturehumaine Architects

Inside, the space reveals a height under exposed joists that gives a sense of verticality to this contained space. Visible from the living spaces, the criss-crossing structure of the roof echoes the name of the lake by recalling the skeleton of a fish, as does its immaculate colour.

living room / Naturehumaine Architects

The modest budget leads to the optimization of the chalet’s spaces: reduction of circulation areas, creation of compact spaces, grouping of services and framing of views towards the landscape. It also aims to compose with a palette of simple and affordable materials. For example, maple veneer panels make up the integrated storage units.

dining room and kitchen / Naturehumaine Architects

The result is an unusual, simple and monochrome architecture exploring the purity of the square.

Poisson Blanc Chalet / Naturehumaine Architects

kitchen / Naturehumaine Architects

Poisson Blanc Chalet / Naturehumaine Architects

bathroom / Naturehumaine Architects


Poisson Blanc Chalet

Poisson Blanc Chalet

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